Shimonoseki Port History

1185 The battle of Genji and Heike; the Heike Family was defeated.
1612 Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro fought a duel on Ganryujima Island.
1672 The Kitamae vessel was put in commission on the route of western and northern coastal Japan.
1883 Designated as a Special Export and Trading Port for Korea.
1889 Municipal administration established as Akamagaseki City, with the port named Akamagaseki Port.
1899 Designated as a Class 1 Port (general open port).
1902 City and port renamed as Shimonoseki City and Shimonoseki Port.
1905 Ferry service between Shimonoseki and Busan inaugurated.
1907 Designated as a Class 1 Major Port.
1930 Shimonoseki Port 1st-phase construction work completed and former East Port Area wharves completed.
1947 Shimonoseki Port 2nd-phase construction work completed and No. 1 Pier for foreign trade completed.
1949 Sweeping for mines in Kanmon Strait completed and safe navigation in Kanmon Port announced.
1951 Designated as a Specified Major Port.
1959 Shimonoseki Port 3rd-phase construction work completed and No. 2 Pier for various industries completed.
1962 Shimonoseki City became general administrator of Shimonoseki Port and Coast.
1966 Fukuura Lumber Port completed.
1970 Kampu Ferry inaugurated(ShimonosekiÅ`Busan by Kampu Ferry Co., Ltd.).
1971 Kankyu Ferry inaugurated(Shimonoseki - Kitakyushu by Kanmon Kaikyo Ferry Co., Ltd.).
1973 Hosoe Wharf completed.
1973 Arata Wharf completed.
1978 Hananocho Wharf completed.
1983 Kampu Ferry commenced daily service when Korean registered ferry first arrived (on Saturday at both ports, ship's entry only).
1987 Stevedoring machinery for handling grain (Tyre-mount unloader continuous running mechanical style) installe.
1988 Shimonoseki Port International Terminal completed.
1988 Daily service started by Kampu and Pukwan Ferry boats (7 departures per week).
1988 Nishiyama Wharf completed.
1988 Continuous running chain style unloader for handling grain installed.
1989 Construction of Arcaport Shimonoseki started (related to the redevelopment project of East Port Area).
1992 1st-phase construction of Chofu Public Wharf completed.
1992 Hananocho container terminal completed.
1992 Container liner service inaugurated (Shimonoseki - Busan by Nam Sung Shipping Co., Ltd.).
1994 Transhipment service bound for mainland China, North America and Europe started at Busan Port.
1994 The Port of Shimonoseki designated as FAZ to encourage imports.
1995 The first Japanese port with everyday customs clearance.
1995 Construction of the artificial offshore island commenced in New Port Area.
1996 North America liner service inaugurated for exporting tires (Shimonoseki - Long Beach, Tacoma by ECL, Ltd.).
1996 The Yamaguchi Prefecture lnternational Trade Center opened.
1998 Ferry service between Shimonoseki and Qingdao increased to one sailing per week by Orient Ferry, Ltd.
1998 Australian liner service inaugurated (ShimonosekiÅ`Townsville, Gladstone by Kyowa Shipping Co., Ltd.).
1998 The full container vessel "Merry Star" first arrived in Shimonoseki Port.
1998 "Hamayuu" began service on the Kampu ferryline.
1998 The Papua New Guinea line joined with the East Australian line(ShimonosekiÅ`Lae, Port Moresby).
1999 One-hundredth anniversary of Shimonoseki Port establishment.
2001 Japan-China Ferry increased the number of trips to 3 per every 2 weeks (Shimonoseki - Qingdao by Orient Ferry, Ltd.) .
2001 Chofu Port was opened because of the expansion of Kanmon Port.
2002 Jib crane completed at Hananocho Wharf.
2002 Busan-Shimonoseki Ferry Service "Seong Hee" starts service.
2002 Japan-China ferry increased the number of trips to 2 per week (Shimonoseki - Qingdao by Orient Ferry, Ltd.).
2003 Masan Container Sea Route Service Starts (Shimonoseki to Masan/Busan. Transport company: Sinokor Merchant Marine Co, Ltd (SINOKOR)).
2004 The foreign passenger ship "Silver Shadow" called at Shimonoseki Port for the first time.
2004 Shimonoseki City and Korea Container Terminal Authority signed a statement of agreement on mutual cooperation concerning promotion of utilization of Shimonoseki Port and Kwangyang Port, Korea.
2005 Shimonoseki City and 4 towns of Toyoura County merged, and new Shimonoseki City was established.
2005 Japan-China ferry increased the number of trips to 3per week (Shimonoseki-Qingdao by Orient Ferry, Ltd.).
2006 Sea route service to Suzhou (Taicang) inaugurated.
2007 Carriage-of-passengers service between Shimonoseki and Taicang started.