Sightseeing guide

Events in Shimonoseki
The Day of Fuku Festival at Haedomari Fish Market

February 11
Festival of Rice Planting at Sumiyoshi Shrine
On the third Sunday in May
Shimonoseki Kaikyo Festival at Arcaport Shimonoseki, Ganryu Island, and Akama Shrine, etc.

May 3
Iris Festival at Togyo-ann Hermitage
On the second Sunday in June

Suhotei Festival at Iminomiya Shrine
Between August 7 to August 13
Kanmon-Kaikyo Fireworks Festival

August 13
Shimonoseki Bakan Festival

On Saturday and Sunday of the last week in August
Jidai Festival at Chofu

Shimonoseki Fish Festival

November 23